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Building on our expertise as a world leader in the production and supply of nitrogen, Air Products' PRISM nitrogen gas generators and our large-scale onsite plants offer dependable, cost-effective methods for on-site nitrogen generation.

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PRISM Nitrogen

Air Products’ permeation technology utilizes our proprietary PRISM membranes to provide on-site nitrogen generation in a range of standard and engineered systems. These low maintenance, economic, and easily-installed systems are available in multiple sizes which can be used in combination to create just the right system for your nitrogen gas generation requirements.

A wide range of specialized industries rely on Air Products’ PRISM nitrogen membranes for their operation. Air Products’ A/S Marine Group is a global leader in the design of high performance nitrogen systems used in transportation applications such as LNG and chemical tankers, where the nitrogen gas maintains product quality during ocean shipment.

Capacity: 100–more than 2,000 Nm3/hr
Purity: 95.0 to 99.9%

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PRISM Nitrogen
PSA Generators

For many years, Air Products’ PRISM pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen units have delivered cost effective and dependable performance. Our proven nitrogen gas production technology delivers very pure nitrogen using significantly less feed air than competitive systems, enabling customers in numerous industries and locations around the world to realize economical on-site nitrogen supply.

Capacity: up to 2,600 Nm3/hr
Purity: 95.0-99.9995%

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PRISM Nitrogen Cryogenic Generators

For applications with higher flow or higher purity requirements, Air Products' cryogenic nitrogen plants offer an excellent alternative. The plants maximize safety, reliability and efficiency and are engineered to provide the economic and operational flexibility you need. While some of Air Products' nitrogen plants rely on a small amount of cryogenic nitrogen to provide refrigeration in the air separation process, other plants employ the cryogenic expansion process to achieve the cooling necessary for air separation. For operations requiring liquid nitrogen back-up in addition to the primary gaseous product, Air Products also has standard plants designed to meet your needs.

Capacity: more than 3,500 Nm3/hr
Purity: >= 99.99999%

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PRISM Nitrogen Cryogenic Generators
(HN Series)

For critical requirements in oil and gas processing, petrochemicals, metallurgy, glass, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other industries, these standard and pre-engineered range of plants have proven to be reliable, economical, flexible sources of high purity nitrogen. These generators are designed primarily to make gaseous nitrogen and can also make a portion of product as liquid nitrogen. So these plants are used in many remote locations where plant backup is needed but delivered liquid nitrogen is not available. Air Products has many years’ experience working directly with engineering, procurement, construction firms and end users to meet their unique project needs.

Capacity: up to more than 10,000 Nm3/hr
Purity: Up to 1 ppb O2 residual (for electronics fabs)

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Tonnage Cryogenic
Nitrogen Plants

Nitrogen can be supplied from a dedicated plant located at or near your facility, owned, operated, and managed by Air Products, or from a plant owned by you that was constructed by us. We have built over 1200 air separation plants and currently own and operate over 300. We will work closely with you to integrate the plant with your process to provide the most energy-efficient, cost-effective design.

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