Existing Preferred Partners

relevant solutions

Relevant Solutions is a preferred provider of critical service solutions for all types of compression equipment. Oilfield services, air purification, and mobile nitrogen equipment rental are included in their portfolio.


BAUER Compressors are field proven in demanding applications and harsh environments. They use nitrogen membranes for high and low pressure applications in both stationary and mobile solutions.


Based in Fargo, North Dakota, Branick is an industry leader in tire services including repair equipment. Branick tire filling stations use PRISM membrane separators to generate nitrogen on-site.


CFM Air Equipment has been a compressor and related-equipment solution provider for over 45 years in Western Canada. Since the late 1980's, they've been a supplier of CACTUS and PRISM membranes to the oil and gas industry throughout Canada.

 Engineered Corrosion Solutions

Engineered Corrosion Solutions pioneered the concept of using nitrogen gas to control corrosion in the fire protection industry. Their nitrogen generator systems exclusively use PRISM membrane separators.

fruit control

FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS (FCE) works exclusively in the field of Controlled Atmospheres.  PRISM separators generate huge quantities of nitrogen required to blanket storage warehouses to extend the freshness of foods.

GCS Inc.

Gas Control Systems, Inc. engineers, designs, and manufactures nitrogen generator systems using PRISM membrane separators for industrial applications.

Holtec Gas Systems

Located in Chesterfield, Missouri, Holtec Gas Systems designs, manufactures, and services gaseous nitrogen generators globally. Holtec uses PRISM membrane separators inside many of their engineered generators.


NiGen International is located in Houston, Texas and uses PRISM Membrane Separators inside their nitrogen generating systems. Many of these systems are used in the oil and gas industry in applications such as pipeline services, pigging, and enhanced oil recovery.


Nuvair manufacturers turnkey systems to provide nitrox air (dive gas) in a standalone package or generators that can be placed in line with your existing compressor system.


Located in Western Australia, Oxair is a leading global manufacturer of gas process systems. Some of their offerings include PSAs, carbon adsorption towers, and nitrogen cabinets which utilize PRISM® membrane separators.


PCI ensures a reliable quality flow of oxygen and nitrogen in field hospitals, on flight lines, water treatment facilities, and oil & gas platforms around the world.


Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Quasar uses PRISM PB separators to build anaerobic digestion facilities which produce clean renewable energy for qng (quasar natural gas) fueling stations, public and private fleets, as well as small vehicles.


SINERGIA is located in Onore, Italy and manufactures customized, energy efficient, and cost effective packages for air and nitrogen treatments. SINERGIA uses the durable PRISM nitrogen membranes in many of their oil and gas applications and in harsh oil & gas field environments.


Storage Control Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of atmosphere modifying and monitoring equipment. SCS uses PRISM membranes to generate nitrogen blanketing for preservation applications.


Tegas is Russia's leading manufacturer of compressor and gas separation equipment for thermal, coal, and nuclear power plants. They specialize in truck-based mobile systems. 


The Titus Company is located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania and has utilized PRISM membrane nitrogen generators and air dryers since the late 1980s. The company provides solutions for the U.S. Navy carrier fleet and other major industries and research laboratories.

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